#UGBlogWeek: Pocket full of shy (Verse II)

This was started at DJ Twonjex’s blog – Verse 1. As part of UGBlogWeek Chain Stories week, here goes my continuation of his story!

That was the last time,
the last time I pushed and you pulled.
They say that I shouldn’t give up,
I should keep nudging.
The gentle pushing and prodding,
that in time you will take notice of what is before you.
Rather who is before you.

A me.
A tired me.
A lost me.

My identity sacrificed at the altar of you,
hidden in myriad attempts to capture your attention.
Grasping at our fading memories…
When you smiled and it kissed my eyes.
When you laughed and my ears rejoiced.
Your feather touch that shook my core.
A core now shattered in reality.

My reality.
A sad reality.
Our reality.

A reality surrounded in that fact that,
You don’t even know my name.


#Chain 1: Twonjex’s Pocket full of shy


flash and flitter

i lost it again
broken by the hurt and pain
i keep lashing out but all in vain.

as befuddlement clouds your gaze
i start to retreat into the foggy haze of my existence
you brush it off and persist on my innocence.

must we dance to this tune
the tiring charade that will ensue
oh, will the moon be out soon
for only he can soothe this festering wound.


** Images source: Google.