this is my race

i have to run the race marked out for me.

no one else has been equipped for it like I have.

this is my race to run.

i have to trust that God is not asleep.

i have to trust that He is actually good at this.

i have to run my race.

it was specifically designed with me in mind.

you cannot run my race.

you can attempt to.

i can even let you.

but ultimately.

my feet will find their way back to it.


are we the sum of who they say we are?

So I just left the screening of The Imitation Game. It is a movie about Alan Turing and a machine he built in the world war. 

I watched it at school. it felt awesome watching that movie with people who had to suffer thru hours of trying to study something that didn’t make sense – i.e. The Turing Machine.

But I was a bit disappointed that all they seemed to put focus on was the fact that he was homosexual and got sentenced for it. I mean he created a machine that and solves anything. 

I was annoyed. Like the sum of this guy’s life & work is on the fact that he is gay. Did I say I was annoyed. He invented the first computer. A genius mathematician. An epic cryptographer. 

And they end with suicide probably induced by the chemical castration medication the judge sentenced him to. Chemical castration? For being gay?

Did I say I was miffed. Annoyed. Angry. 

Does this make me sympathetic? Which would probably be unthinkable since I am “supposed” to be Christian. Especially one from a place which is quite public about these things.

Does anyone get what I am saying?

Nothing… Except

there is something in the emptiness that evokes a response from the heart of God. there is something in disparity that awakes his heart. there is something in the nothing that is professed that sparks the playful glint in his eye.

i have nothing, except…

we have nothing, but…

we have nothing, but…

the glint that turns into a grin… which breaks into a smile that is followed by, “bet you have no idea what i am about to do”