My Journey: Old Blogs

for every season of your life, there is a wearing that appears on your soul. a tear that no matter how hard your try you cannot heal. you cannot cover. you cannot hide. for every season of your life, there will be joy, sadness, laughter and goodbyes.

just like memories fade over time, words end up loosing their effect. yet once in a while, when you allow yourself to drift back. when you allow the emotion to well up and the feeling to gut you deep.

running from who you are because people said shit about you (**side eye – if they are right: fix it) is an epically futile attempt to suck yourself into the mindless void that has the rest of humanity marching to a tune. coveting that which does not belong to you is an even more powerfully epic tale of disaster just waiting to happen.

there is always a story in history.

2007 – 2014: //


2 thoughts on “My Journey: Old Blogs”

    1. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a bright one where with us… I never thought of socks on pages… but since you asked nicely, you will be allowed.
      PS: @pkahill, for you posts only! You have way too many sock already!!


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