Short Story Review: SunDown by Acan Innocent Immaculate

Hmmm… I was left a little bit uncertain after reading this story. I almost want to persuade Acan to write an encore just to appease my uncertainty…**proceeds to cross fingers**

The setting is in apocalyptic earth, but Acan has a managed to spin the story way from the norm that is characterised by doom, gloom and we are all headed to hell… She takes on a certain wonder and almost playful voice that keeps your attention rapt and leaning in.

He must be the only human alive who’s happy to see the sun on her glorious deathbed

In the 3,460 worded story, we are introduced to Red – a little wonderer whose inquisitive nature draws you into the story of SunDown. His take and view of the world given his current state make you start to draw conclusions about what the ending will be like.

I credit Acan’s choice to include winter in this story. As bitter and bleak as winter can be, it also has the element of crisp & cleanness that it brings with it. The sense of starting a fresh or starting over, if you will. The white that washes over everything making it distinct and pristine…

Now the wind, he has always hated and will continue to do so. It is the snow’s bad tempered older cousin

Although, I was slightly amused by Red’s depiction of God, he reminded me so much of Gandalf. This leads me to mention the clever way in which Acan brought in the aspect of the ancient scriptures in moments that called for them. Now that, was brilliant!

In conclusion, this is not your usual apocalyptic themed story, this is one last-days story that you wouldn’t have too much of a hard time believing would happen.

SunDown by Acan Innocent Immaculate was announced as having been shortlisted for the Writivism 4th Annual Short Story Prize. It has now been published at Munyori Literary Journal head on over there to read it yourself

[#UGblogWeek – Day 5] Yes! 

Oh my love! 
You proved me wrong! 

You heard what I had to say and fed those words right back to me! 
You let me vent and scream and rage! 
You watched that epic vein pop itself out, as it normally does whenever agitation hits! 

I take them back
Ah! My love! 
I take them back… 

Dripping sweat mingled itself with the stale fragrance that emitted itself off our day old clothes. 
To be supercilious at a time like this, would be a crime against humanity. 

Muwala wange, jjangu wano. Squat in my shadow that the sun doesnt burn you before your husband finds you.

Mukadde waffe, tofayo – Yiitawo. Nedda mama, lini etandika wano.  

We watched as a PhD research in lower school wooden benches arrangement was being carried out. Carry it here. Move it there. Sit and stare at each other for two to four minutes. Repeat.

The alphas in the group mumbled righteous indignation. The troublemakers stood in line of hearing of said alphas – echoing whatever they said. 

High in the sky. The sun did her job – glaring at us unrelenting. There wasn’t any sign of hope. With no answers to offer, officers sat on the wooden benches in silence. 

The slow burn of agitation began to make itself obvious. 
The conspirousy theories began to take flight in the small huddled groups that began forming. 

With a resounding resolute oneness… Something became very clear:

We won’t leave. 
We will stay here.
This is our country.
We love it too much to give up now. 

The heat never bothered us anyway! 


Our usual Calvin & Hobbies break 


This felt totally appropriate 😋!


#iChooseLynn #UGblogDay

Hey people, 

So #Addmaya Christmas season has started again! If you do not know what that is, lemme tell you. 

Addmaya is an amazing family of ridiculously talented individuals who are literally changing the face of TV/Print/Design in Africa. Around Christmas time, they give back to their fans by holding competitions with amazing prizes. 

This year, guess who got nominated?! Me!!! Tehehehe, yes – it’s true. 😂😂. 

But there is a twist, I need to voted by you in order to win. 

Here is what you have to do: 

Twitter: Tweet – #iChooseLynn #AddmayaBox

On FB: Go to this link – and say #iChooseLynn in the comments. You can also get your friends to choose Lynn by posting the image below on your wall and ask them to #ChooseLynn.

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On Blogger/Wordpress/Tumblr – You too can join – simply reblogg this post on your blog. 

Voting is open to people anywhere in the world.   

Preparation for Blog Week

Sometimes the process of blogging can be the slightest bit tiring.

Sometimes you just want something new and exciting.

Haha! More like a new process to entice your dormant creative gene.

So here goes…

It’s not poverty…

I normally steer clear of some conversations because I feel like I am not eloquent enough to sustain an argument or do not have enough authority to boldly convince the masses (you). Conviction is one thing but what if you fall flat on your face when you attempt to explain something? Yes, that would be me – the girl behind the spectacles.

This post, however, has been forming in my mind for the past few weeks and even though I feel quite insecure about talking about this, I feel somewhat burdened to.

My country’s problem is not poverty.

Now before you write me off, afford me five minutes of your time (No. Pun was not intended).

You see, tonight I was watching NTV and they wear talking about Maternal Health. How two areas were quite notorious of having people die. Yes, it is vague because it is at this point that I started to pay attention. This took me back to that moment earlier today when I saw a car pass. A deep red SUV. I will get into that later. The next topic on the screen was the commission. The UNRA one. The lady was grilling the guy, asking him questions and getting answers she was not quite happy about. Apparently, government had spent in the billions on that project. Next was the East African Assembly Legislation announcement of how East African Countries are in debt. The also made it sound like it was in the billions.

What makes me scratch my scalp is this, for a country that is poor… Where are all these billions of dollars going?

Back to the deep red SUV. It is quite a thing using public means of transportation – you get to appreciate good drivers and the i-dont-give-a-damn-even-though-i-see-you-standing-on-the-side-of-the-road-i-will-spray-you drivers. So this one morning, I was running late and taxis were not as many as they usual were – that is when i noticed it. The deep red SUV. My jaw dropped a little, want to know the kicker? The driver noticed and he rolled by me in slow motion. I swear, it wasn’t in my head.

Sadly, the thought I was amazed at the wheels he was rolling in – NO! That was not the shock. The shock was the government plates that were attached to the car!

Dude. Dude. Dude.

First wait – Assuming that the H on the UG plates means Health, and assuming that hospitals are also under the Health Body that is cruising in a blazing hot Kia Sorento… Why is power still going off at hospitals? Why are hospitals few and far in between? Why is the state of medical still lacking? I mean, am I looking at this wrong? I dont understand. Does this mean that you should not get them to reward this with a fancy car – by all means do so, but after you have made that hospital look shiny, motivated the health staff, worked on better health care policy (do we even have a health care policy). I mean, not many people would mind if JM rolled up in a RollsRoyce, why? Because the city looks much better than it has in such a long time.

Scarcely had my mouth closed when a Ford with UG plates sped off passed me.


Poverty is not our problem.

#UGBlogWeek : Share your Stories for Seven Days

#TuBlogginge #UGBlogWeek #UGBloggers7Days

Joel B Ntwatwa

A year ago, the first ever Ugandan mass blogging week was declared under the hashtag #UgBloggers7Days.

The reason it was started was the lack of blogs in Ugandan webspace. Sure there were a few bloggers posting about different things; like politics, economy, arts, lifestyle, but again there was no regularity with this posting.

When #UgBloggers7Days started it was to revive the blogging culture. A year later, there have been some improvements made even the development of a blog aggregator called storipot. The Social Media Awards even had nominations for Blogger of the Year.

Nonetheless, a year later there is a lot to aim for. Uganda has a lot of stories unsaid and unheard. In this very week, there have been stories about police brutality, the impending arrival of the pope, local tourism efforts (#koikoiug, #ondaba), leisure events such as #klacocktailweek, #kampalacityfestival and more.

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To say that I have crashed and burned and been burned at the alter of expectations would be an understatement.

But how to pick up the pieces after the “perfect- close to 7 year friendship ended” is what is the hardest. Sigh!


Some of you unfortunate lot think that every perfect relationship must end in marriage. Well, it might and it might not, because, marriages, just like most “perfect” relationships end (and not by death). Some of you think that when the bride and groom walk down the aisle to the collective oohs and aahs of the invited guests into their own little “happily ever after”, they’ve achieved in life. Well, it’s a two way street, and I know this, because I’ve been married for all of 26 months and 5 days but trust me, it feels a lot like 75 years of routine. 


Anyway, the thing here is, no one knows just how perfect a perfect relationship is. There are no two people that are exactly alike; not even identical twins. While one twin might like their coffee with cream, the other may like it dark. See? Difference. So let’s all…

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God is Willing.

Indeed! He didn’t spare his own son!
All for me!
Yet my unbelief still reigns supreme

Scribbles of a sojourner

I believe in the God who created all things.

I believe in the God who’s power has no limits.

I believe in the the God whose wisdom has no end.

He knows when a bird falls out of the sky.

He knows how a baby is formed in a mother’s womb.

He knows the beginning and end of all things.

I believe most things about this God.

But my faith falls short when it comes to believing that He is willing to act on my behalf. Every time I have to trust God to do something for me, I can list one million reasons why I shouldn’t pray about it and why He has much more important things to do.

I’ve been studying the book of Exodus. In summary, God sends Joseph to Egypt so that the Israelites would be rescued from a famine. The Israelites move to Egypt but after…

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