Hearing the voice of God

I had the most unique experience on Good Friday. It that has made me start to intentionally redefine a lot of things that I pick up from the Bible. A lot of the time, I take things at face value and often use the one size fits all. Hmmm, this could lead to an entire series of posts on rediscovery. Oooohh… Maybe that is what I should do.

Anyhoo, in this instance, it is the voice of God. Voice for me has always alluded to God opening his mouth and speaking (the Bible talks about God’s feet and also about God speaking, so I am guessing he must have a mouth). Oopps, there I go again…

Kirabo, stick to telling the story.

So, Good Friday – 2016.

I went to Church (massive feat for me, you have no idea 🙂 ), and theservice was awesome! After service I lingered around Church – you know, saying those goodbye’s that never end. I got a lift from a friend to Acacia, on the way there I thought to myself, I’d like to give my regular Baaj guy an Easter token/tip (whatever you prefer to call it). I noticed that there was a lot of traffic for a public holiday.

So I go to New Day bookshop, linger around their Bible section. They were all too big for my needs. I head on up to Aristoc, I was looking for a pocket size Amplified Bible – one of the attendants in the section looked at me clueless. So I had to explain what I meant – alas, after 20 minutes of searching – nada!

Then I go off to KFC – their sticky wings… ** Hallelujah Chorus**. For the first time ever, it took close to an hour for me to get the food.

On my way out, I get accosted by some gorgeous teens who were shocked at the fact that I looked like their friend. After two minutes of ‘No way, like seriously’ – I get onto the lift and head with one-eared Shrek, who I am pretty sure did not know he was Shrek. Like I called him Shrek and he did not flinch (Boooo).

I am now literally running out of the parking lot and I think, I need money – so a quick dash to the ATM is in order. On my way to the ATM, I see the queue and start to reason with myself, I could always use the bank in town, right? After all, I am going to buy hair, because I have a hair plaiting session on Saturday at 11am.

That is plenty of time.

Clearly, my feet were not part of the conversation because they took me to the ATM. And then proceeded to stand there. I was now number 4 in line. ATM is where you can tell if you really have the other fruit of the Spirit. The one called Patience. I am like, Seriously!! It is a punch in-punch out, receive operation. You cannot take more than 3 minutes if the machine has a proper connection.

Anyhoo, it’s Good Friday, I have just come from an amazing service – So I hum a tune to distract my brain. Next person goes in, comes out, Next person goes in… remains in. The person before me starts to smack his lips, and low grumble. I’m like, nah uh, I will sing this tune until it is my turn.

Guy who was in comes out huffing and puffing, the thing is off! I had just put my money amount. (humming continues). Askari, says he has called the manager, he is waiting for feedback. Huffing now mixed with serious distress, what if if gives out my money and I am not here?

My feet still had no capacity to hear and remain glued to the spot. Again, I linger around the ATM for a while longer, then continue on my way. As I am walking down, I notice that my boda stage is deserted.

Great, All this time wasting all over the place has made me miss the boda guy.

I sigh inwardly and get ready to cross the road. In Primary School they say, look right, look left and then look right again. I look to my right, and boom! Boda guy.

Yes, I was the crazy girl laughing as I crossed the road.

It all looks like coincidence, doesn’t it? However, I have lived long enough to redefine coincidence as the invisible finger of God moving things into place.

There was a heck of a lot of delay to my normally meticulous routine.
lingering at Church.
lingering in traffic.
lingering at New Day.
lingering at Aristoc.
lingering at KFC.
lingering with the teens.
lingering at ATM.
So much lingering all because, Mr. Boda Guy was not at the stage yet.

Where is God causing you to linger while he works on the other thing.