About Kirabo

Hi there! Haaah-yoo?

Not really sure how you found this page but glad you did anyway. Who says that?

This is another attempt to chronicle my life journey devoid of influence – ha! As if that made any sense at all!! Hmm, I would say that was a loaded statement (insert smiley here). It is better to say that I have tried to run away from blogging but the words… they bubble over in my mind. My mind goes on these one way journeys so deep into my imagination. Spinning tales of wonder. Spinning tales of what-if. Dreaming up connections and paths…  Aah!

Alas, why must I awake myself // For in the middle of my reverie // Sigh, there not to far from my grasp


I love God. (Heheheh, terrible transition, I know.) He gave me an insane passion for technology. He also brought along people who trained my eye for good design. He birthed me in a family with an insane art of story telling. The blessing that he is pouring over me continues to overflow…

This is me.

This is #myNewNormal

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