Day 7: #7yto40, the day i got attacked by a frisbee

I was ready to wax poetic. I was ready to get into some deep reflective jazz about life and all of it’s lessons. I was ready to start this off in a way that rivaled anything I have ever written. However, as in most of the things in my life, God went, “psht! why sooooo serious?!” and then, there, in the midst of my life – I became a frisbee magnet. A frisbee magnet.

Grab your chai mukalu with tea masala and let me narrate this story.

I woke up at 5:45am on the dot (what?!? I said I was going to narrate the story, why not start at the very beginning, a very good place to start). It is 5am and I am excited. I’m going to get an early start to my day so I smile up at heaven and ask God to speak a blessing over me. A blessing over my day that I already know is going to be amazing. I dress up, grab my lunch and am out the door by 6.20ish.

The air outside carried a little chill in it, but it was nothing that would classify itself as cold cold. You know? Bus comes along, it is one of the long ones so that means plenty of seating options. I get one that I’m normally partial to and am on campus in no time. I make a bee line to the cycling studio, shout out to Joan M Kiyingi, your influence in my life still continues. I’m listening to Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Switch on Your Brain as I trudge through the kilometers, wondering if today I will ride my furthest. I didn’t. The workout was awesome regardless.

The day carries on, like a soothing orchestra. From breakfast, to class, to meetings, the entire harmony pleasing to listen to. Afternoon arrives and I need to dash across campus to run an errand for a friend. The weather outside is delightful, I leave my jacket and choose instead my old trusty shawl (you know, the one Aine detests. I smile at the memory).

I’m outside. Campus is buzz with excitement. The weather is changing so there are shorts everywhere (it hasn’t changed that much for me yet). I’m enjoying it. The sense of freedom from winter and clothing baggage, the sense of new beginnings. Caroline is reading out the summary of lessons from chapter two in my headphones.

I see him running. He is in my periphery. Not today, I tell myself. Today, I will not be paranoid about being an object magnet, besides, there isn’t a volleyball in sight. He runs back throws a colored object towards a friend further off. I’m glancing at a hammock they have strung up between the trees. Someone brought speakers, I want to say boombox because it sounds cool but let me stick to speakers. They are playing music and I think I know the song. I should walk around campus more. Actually, I should really be listening to Caroline but my eyes wont submit to my ears, they want to see everything and take it all in.

One of his friends throws the thing toward him, he see him running, he is to my right now… but like I said, not today. I figure, if I stop and stand still, it will give him time to grab the object without crashing into me. It will likely fall behind me. I think to myself.

It was indeed, today.
Today was the day that saying “not today” would not work.

There were 3 points of impact.
My headphones. My clavicle. My neck.

It hit my neck.
My neck.
There are blood vessels in my neck.
Blood vessels on missions to and from my brain.
Blood vessels.

The numbing sensation was immediate. Everything within me clenched. The runner is now asking, are you okay. The only thing I heard myself say was AAAAOOOWWWWW (The English translation of this is ouch). At this point, I think he realises it didn’t lightly bounce off my headphones and he is asking where did it hit you. I see my left index finger point to the right side of my neck. Immediate concern erupts across all their faces, profuse apologizing begins.

My brain on the other hand is choking.

A frisbee hit you. It didn’t target your medulla oblongata (in the Ugandan sense of the term), it targeted your neck. As if a karate chop. I mean. What? How? Are you a sloth? Were you in zootopia? How fast was it going that you couldn’t implement years of kwepena practice?  Also were you walking with your neck out?

Now, because of this internal dialogue, there is a smile on my face. As in I’m in pain but I’m also smiling at these people who are apologizing. I reassure them that I’m okay with the smile now hurting my cheeks. While I’m walking away, my brain begins to change gears.

sooooo, you know there are vessels in your neck, you should prolly go to the clinic before you drop dead. Kyoka, you cannot even list any descendants and you are here walking with your neck out lege lege. Unbelievable. 

The smile is still on my face when I walk into the bank. When I text my friend with the details the banker provided. It is still on my face when I walk into the clinic. Even when the nurse asks, how can I help you today, I am still smiling. I tell her the story and she checks checks and says there are no obvious signs of something something haematoma.

My brain is now going,

You, your neck and frisbee have entered into a CSI movie.

She sympathizes with the entire episodes gives me stuff for the pain and tells me what to look out for and I’m on my way but the smile. It is STILL on my face.

On my way back to my lab, I walk by a shrub. The shrub that was to be the inspiration of the original day 7 post and now, I just burst out laughing…

Ah! This life!
You know when you have plans, well-thought-out-plans, that you hold on to in tightly clenched fists and then…

An encounter with a heat seeking frisbee…

Ps: Oh.. and the chapter two summary read out by Caroline started with
… You can control your reaction, you have a choice


Photo by Habila Mazawaje on Unsplash

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