Johanna Chronicles…Chapter 1

Please. Please do not look at me. I know you think I do not notice, but I see you looking at me. Please do not look at me because every time you do, you confuse me. So resist the urge and avert your eyes.

This is not a poem.
It’s worse than a poem.
It’s a baruha addressed to you.

To tell you to stop looking at me.

I see you. The brief vulnerability and questions that linger behind your gaze. My sprouting grey hairs are inversely proportional to the strength that is left in me. The strength to do this dance: a glance here, a look up; a glance there, a look down.

You steal my time yet again.
Here I am in the midst of a messy busy life.
Stealing time to send you this baruha.
Stop looking at me.

iwe deeba hariya,
na kweshengereza…

I remain,
the subject on the other side of your lens,


This is chapter 1 of the Johanna chronicles

We like to keep it playful on these premises… Johanna is coded, as long as your initials are not LRK, you may proceed to attempt to break it… If you care that is. As I said somewhere else, this one is dedicated to two among my favs:

1. Joel ‘Nevender’ Ntwatwa. You always called bs on my ‘fiction’ series. It’s been one year – one long year. I thought about you today – I was having a moment and I wondered, what would Joel say…

2. My darling Lyleee! I think God used the same clay when he was making us – You always get my random madness. Enjoy this tale of our Johanna and Kiconco. 

To coin me…. I am not yet sure where this story is heading but I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery with me.


Photo credit: Kyle Szegedi on Unsplash and Google Images

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