the customer remains KING

Last week, Vodafone Uganda made an interesting announcement that might have gotten lost due to the connectivity challenges that they have had this week (blame Monday’s thunderstorm).

Three things in particular intrigued me the most:
One: Their pursuit to offer the best customer experience
Two:  Shifting audience focus to target universities as well as SMEs
Three: Moving away from traditional 2G voice and headed toward VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

Regarding their pursuit to offer the best customer experience; anyone who has used the self help portal, dubbed MyVodafone, will laugh at this goal. In most cases, functionality will trump the beauty of a user interface, however in this case, both were not appealing with many of us complaining how hard it was to use.

Alas! They finally heard our cry – Not only did the interface get an upgrade; we got an app too (and yes, Web, Android and IOS, imagine that).

MyVodafone now looks so much better, sleek, clean and almost minimal design. Both the Web App and IOS version have the same look and feel, giving the user a similar experience not matter what interface is used.

The interface allows you to do a whole host of things like track your usage (unless you are on unlimited – more on this one later), be someone else’s lifeline by gifting them data, purchase data using credit card or mobile money, details & location of their stores, usage history, payment history as well as an add-on feature that will give you dibs on special offers tailored to you.


Speaking of tailoring, the mobile app’s home screen will also show you available data bundles based on your usage history. However, this feature will only work if you are on a plan that is not unlimited.

As with any system upgrade come the dreaded bugs and customer groans that are embedded with the theme, ‘but the old system used to do it’. These normally get fixed in minor releases, if caught early and since Vodafone is striving to offer the best customer experience…

Bug One: Unlimited users are no longer able to track their bundle volume usage, which is a little worrying since each one of us would like to know when to cut back (which is usually 10GB left to FUP).
Bug Two: Expiry date is a bit off and has likely been set to the day that the system went live.
Bug Three: The user login for some reason will not allow autofill, forcing the user to manually enter details.


Manzi Kagina, a Vodafone unlimited user also had a FUP balance displayed on his MyVodafone home screen


Online chat with customer care that explains the humongous data balance that had me thinking about all the shows I’d have to binge watch in 30 days to ensure that it gets depleted

Chat with Support feature
App comes with online chat with support feature

And those are the only three that I could spot. All in all, the upgrade of MyVodafone is a step in ensuring a seamless customer experience, throwing the power back to us (see what I did there) and allowing us to access services at our convenience.

In other news, the app knows my name… Yes, I am inherently a narcissist.


This is part one in a two part series about the things that intrigued me about the VodafoneUganda announcement. Have you used the new interface? What do you think about it?

Looks like unlimited users can now track their usage… Whoop Whoop!! Round of applause for VodafoneUganda and the engineering team!
Bug One – Decimated



4 thoughts on “the customer remains KING”

    1. I know, this is my very first tech blog post!!
      Exciting times here at MWJ!!

      In other news, have you tried the new interface? Tehehe, I really want to know what other people think – oba no one else is as obsessed with interfaces as I am.


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