PowerFM: ‘New Nyu’ [@powerfmuganda]

Tehehe, yes – I know it is ‘New News’, but it sounds like ‘New Nyu’ to me

Have you guys listened to 104.1 PowerFM’s New News segments?
You should…

My fav is currently the one that has Jesus going to Mount Rubaga…


Caiaphas (the High Priest) is being hosted on a show on PowerFM.
This guy calls in to seriously kaza Caiaphas for a number of things including not coming for his daughters burial. Then he goes mbu kasta even Jesus raised her from the dead.

Ko Caiaphas: Raised from the dead?! Hehe! You are just ignorant of deep spiritual matters. That was the devil. Beelzebub…

Caller: What? Who are you calling Beelzebub?? Miiiisstttttccchhheeewwww… You Constipated Vagabond! Everlasting Bastard!

Caller gets cut off and the host apologises for his language.

Next Caller: Wama Caiaphas, nze n’kuwagira – that Jesus, then he kills my Fene tree. Was it in his compound, who does he think he is? We know him. He is a carpenter. He wanted to use my tree for his wood. He is a witch! In fact let him come back to the temple, n’ja muloga!

I am still dying silently in the office… W.H.O comes up with this stuff?!
After last night, this segment was such a welcome relief.

This week is Freedom/Passion week at PowerFM and I think this News feature is supposed to creatively follow the walk of Christ for this week leading up to Easter. They figured out a hilarious way to integrate Uganda into it.

I think you can listen online via facebook here.

I really hope they upload these segments to iTunes or YouTube.



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