Day 3 … [3-Day Quote Challenge]

I woke up gasping today,
Quite literally, I might add.
As I stumbled to the toilet,
I noticed something rather peculiar.
A cold sensation was rushing through,
My arms and legs were teetering toward numb.

When I finally did wake,
and take a shower – because that is what we must do.
I noticed something rather peculiar,
As I dressed up my pores were suddenly oozing.
Profusely sweating,
despite the cold pre-dawn breeze.

And yet in spite of this and more,
I am certain of this…


The truth is…


Means Nothing.


I can. I will.





15 thoughts on “Day 3 … [3-Day Quote Challenge]”

  1. Iwe my lovely darling, here is verses Psalms 2:7-8
    Happy birthday to you (I know its not your born day but that verses makes everyday your birth in the Lord)

    Are you the Kirabo who won the HelloFood coupons this morning on PowerFm? (If yes, I want food)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha… Yes, I am the Kirabo! Ekikulu, Javas is not on HelloFood. Ate my radio was going off and on at the coupon part – can you imagine??? I never got the actual coupon! The devil just!!

      I shall go look for that Psalm


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