3-Day Quote Challenge [Modified]

Another Challenge.
Another Challenge.
Anotherrrr Challleenngggeeeee!!!

Wooot Woot!

Shout out to Hope for nominating me!
(which reminds me, I think there is another challenge that slipped by me. Whoops…)

I am modifying the rules – Tehehe, yes – I am cray cray like that!

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. {Did that!}
2. Post a picture quote each day for 3 days. {Just one.}
3. Nominate five/more bloggers. {because 3 is so little}
4. Theme the entire three days – e.g. Playfulness, Thankfulness, Spiritualness, or any other ness you can thing of.

And the Nominees are:
Micah’s Momma
Pete’s Momma

Tehehe… have fun!



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