Another Psalm

This morning I awoke,
I drew in breath and woke,
My blurred vision then took note,
I am awake, yet again.

The night has ended,
Morning has come,
The crickets have relented to the birds,
The worms have gone into hiding.

I come before you,
dishevelled in state,
dragon-breath and bed-clothe scent,
Are you there? My groggy voice calls.

I take note, of the wonders of your world,
I take note, of the downers that you let by,
I take note, that the heavens haven’t yet fallen,
I take note, that you are still holding it together.

The intricate thread that you weave,
Through time and space; you join our lives,
Your craftsmanship, only to be on grand display,
In the wake or the funeral song.

But I will be different,
I will see your half finished craft,
Resplendent, even in it’s unfinished state,
I will remember to praise you; whenever, I look at myself.

Inspired by:

Tehehe, simply waking up and realising, God’s still got this…

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. [1 John 4:4 – NIV]



***Images source: Google Images.


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