[#UGblogWeek – Day 5] Yes! 

Oh my love! 
You proved me wrong! 

You heard what I had to say and fed those words right back to me! 
You let me vent and scream and rage! 
You watched that epic vein pop itself out, as it normally does whenever agitation hits! 

I take them back
Ah! My love! 
I take them back… 

Dripping sweat mingled itself with the stale fragrance that emitted itself off our day old clothes. 
To be supercilious at a time like this, would be a crime against humanity. 

Muwala wange, jjangu wano. Squat in my shadow that the sun doesnt burn you before your husband finds you.

Mukadde waffe, tofayo – Yiitawo. Nedda mama, lini etandika wano.  

We watched as a PhD research in lower school wooden benches arrangement was being carried out. Carry it here. Move it there. Sit and stare at each other for two to four minutes. Repeat.

The alphas in the group mumbled righteous indignation. The troublemakers stood in line of hearing of said alphas – echoing whatever they said. 

High in the sky. The sun did her job – glaring at us unrelenting. There wasn’t any sign of hope. With no answers to offer, officers sat on the wooden benches in silence. 

The slow burn of agitation began to make itself obvious. 
The conspirousy theories began to take flight in the small huddled groups that began forming. 

With a resounding resolute oneness… Something became very clear:

We won’t leave. 
We will stay here.
This is our country.
We love it too much to give up now. 

The heat never bothered us anyway! 


Our usual Calvin & Hobbies break 


This felt totally appropriate 😋!



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