[#UGblogWeek – Day 4] All for what? What? 

For what?

That a child should lose their life so senselessly?
That a family should lose their livelihood in the blink of an eye?
That traders should lose hours of productivity to hours of chaos in their stead.

For what?
Please tell me?
For what?

For love of this country?

Is it only at elections that a sudden surge of patriotism should inject itself into our collective bloodstreams?Blaring and groaning. Posting about injustices!

Where have you been all this time, you almighty patriot?
Where have we been all this time, us, the almighty patriots?
Where have you been?

Tell me! Where??
For some, a few, with one hand you loudly tweet your indignation and with the other your visa laden passport shields your air ticket

For what?!

Tell me, Saturday 20th is at hand – what if you get what you want?
Then what?
Have you even thought that far?

Will you remember to keep your elected leaders accountable?
Do you even know what their manifestos said?
Or is it just ‘down there‘ that is your highlight.
Did you know that more than one candidate fronted national service? What about community involvement? How about the ones who want to create a defense system? Or the ones that talk about accountability and transparency?

Will we remember to hold them accountable?
Will we remember to ask for transparency?

Or will we wait again.
To repeat this yet again.

Have we already set the script?



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