#UGblogWeek Curated Posts from Day 2

Good Morning! I love the slight chill in the air… But before we get into Day 2’s posts, I just wanted to post a link to more about Janani Luwum. Today, is a national holiday remembering him and a number of us are not sure who he was or why we should bother. Here is why we should bother to remember him.

at Westminster Abbey
at Westminster Abbey

Okay, now back to regular programming…

Day 2 (Mon, 15 Jan.) was on FIRE!

It’s not too late for you to join in! Don’t forget to share & leave a comment -> Let’s engage with each other!


#UGBlogWeek Day 2: The Presidents Nightmares Are Made Of

#UgBlogWeek The Debate Is The Thing, That Didnt Last Long



Book Feels.

I Also Want To Be Loved.

Southern Tranquility Part III

#UGBLOGWEEK DAY 2 The Glory Of A Society Long Dead


I discovered sex; and I could not stop myself.

What Our Friends Said About This Love [#UGBlogWeek 2/7]

For the Love of Country: My Beauty Kit for the Ugandan Elections

Uganda Decides: When the strongman goes marching in


#UGBlogWeek A New Era

[#UGblogWeek – Day 2] Whose side are you on?

#UgBlogWeek, Day 2; Just the two of us.

Okurut. 15th Feb. 2016.

Morning After

#UgBlogWeek Day 2: He Loved Me Wrong

Love Blues, and Greens and Greys #UgBlogWeek

The Most Romantic Funeral.

I am Cool Like That. #UGBlogWeek

#UGBlogWeek Presents: The Cedric Conundrum (1/7)

Losing Yourself

#UgBlogWeek Day 2: Why I Stopped Watching Tv

#UgBlogWeek Curated Posts from Day 1


If there is a blog missing, please leave a link in the comments section.
As is the custom on this blog: some Calvin bath time drama!

_calvin_2 _calvin_3

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      1. You see how my curation post had snippets from pearlhmmph.com and nevender.com? Just post the url in your text and when you change to visual, they turn into snippets..

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