[#UGblogWeek – Day 1] Hi. Kirabo.

It’s 7 am and my first thought is: It’s Valentines day. It is such a curious day, this one. The only other holiday that has the ability to record a spike in depression and suicide rates. Very droll, I know. But then again, I am single and practically putting one step through the dreaded thirties door – what do I have to celebrate about this day?

I had intended on writing to ‘my the one‘ – in whichever time-space dimension he might be; but then the voice on the radio said – “You’re listening to Nightfall” and then I smiled and giggled. I remembered that feeling I had when they sang Auld Lang in that final scene in Downton Abbey. *giggles again* I think it fitting that I start this #UGblogWeek by loving on me. *giggles again again* Yes, that was such a loaded statement.

Kirabo – It is okay, that you are a bit of an enigma – and not in the derogatory sense. No. You will never fully figure yourself out … BUT isn’t that the mystery of life?

You see, you can sit down to an entire 6 seasons of Downton Abbey and still re-watch Cartoon Network’s version of the Justice League – All 91 episodes. You get extremely irritated with Gaius Baltar as you did with Thomas Barrel. There was this one time, you watched Bongo – A Swahili channel with drama from Tanzania. Surely there must be people out there who do not only one specific t.v. genre (if they are referred to as that)?

Next up, Kirabo: that grey mattered object that is protected by your skull is Ah-Maize-ng.

You love to gobble up knowledge. You love that feeling at the beginning of starting something new – You know, when you get that tingly sensation in your fingers that turns them numb. Your free time is normally a mess of activity that revolves around swearing you will dust your room next weekend, reading a book, starting a knitting project, finishing up a website, catching up on devotion, doing nothing but listening to the radio on Saturday morning, writing Python, write English, bugging your friends about meeting up & being sorely disappointed to find out they all have lives (tehehe, but remember, you are an introvert).

For you, staying attentive in a conversation for more than 20 minutes is such a chore. You can literally have a day-dream within a day-dream.

*giggles* Well, now everyone knows.

So this one time, you heard a rumour about the fact the guys do not particularly like girls who are smart or known to be bright, if you will. You did the kikiga snort and said, “LIES!!”. Then a friend of yours, *sigh* yes… people mean well. They sat you down and BOOM! You got the pep-talk along the lines of “Girl, you ain’t getting any younger, you need to dumb it down”

Kirabo: Your accomplishments are nothing to be ashamed of. No. The journey towards each of them are a testimony that God is already using.

You have two degrees – both with valedictory status. You have accumulated 9 years working experience – at companies that have been at extreme ends of the spectrum. You have been involved in inspiring more girls to find ways of including technology in their lives; and at the same time, you have been involved in working with girls to grow deeper in their knowledge of God. You have also been involved in using your past experience in kicking the butts of local founders/entrepreneurs to get-it up to the next level.

You spent two years living by yourself across two different continents. Traveled from the East to the West Coast by yourself. Froze your toes off because you had no winter boots – learned to take shortcuts through buildings with heating. You climbed a rock, using your hands and feet (what exactly possessed you to do so, is a post for another day), You went rafting and conquered a level 5 rapid on the River Nile (again, whatever possessed you…).

"'ow u gon dumb this down, girl??"
“Girl, ‘ow u gon dumb ALL this down?!?!”


Next up, Kirabo

Ahh… You almost forgot the other crucial accomplishment – You are soon to celebrate 3 decades of existence on the planet earth**. One might be tempted to quote about all the characters both in present day and bible time, whose lives began at the 30 mark but we shall not. The surprises that are stored up for you will surpass anything that your 29th year brought. Cheesy, yes? Just believe it. Just like the way, your eyes ignore your nose 90% of the time – You hardly ever see what is ahead of you – There is someone else who does, trust that they know what is best for you.

No, Kirabo. You are not simple but then again who is? One look at the human neural system is enough to know that no one is simple. No matter the facade they carry around with them.

There is so much more to you than the things that come to your mind, or the things that people often complain about. You must celebrate each season because, man, you wont get it back. There is no Rip Hunter in normal life, today is all you are going to get.

So take a sip of that Chardonnay as go back and edit this post whilst thinking about the m.t.o post you will probably write next. Hopefully, it will be a little more coherent than this one.

Yours Always,

** April 4th to be exact – Note it down, I am not on FB so you will not be reminded by some algorithm. I accept gifts – especially those of the tech variety – think Drones, Oculus Rifts.

P.S: If you are still reading this, then here is a gift for you…

_Bath_Struggling _calvin-and-hobbes-bath

**Image Source: Google Images
P.P.S: This entire post felt like one long deja vu moment.
P.P.P.S: Tehehe… There are breadcrumbs in this post.
Okay, I am done. For real now. Bye.


13 thoughts on “[#UGblogWeek – Day 1] Hi. Kirabo.”

  1. I enjoyed this. And I have too many comments to make. None of them will go down in writing. So I’ll just think them, then pray, then hope they get to you somehow without serious repercussions (stress on unwelcome) one way or another.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ha. We’ve got the extremely early birthday kalango.

    I know I have become like one of those old bazukufu aunties who says everything is in God’s hands, but then, it is. He made you. It follows that he made your mate. And the two of you, when you eventually collide, will work perfectly just the way you are. As long as God is in the centre. Okay, zuki auntie is exiting now.


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