Poems after Nine…

Yesterday. It had been a really long day and I didn’t feel like getting my emotions in a mess by reading Kintu. So, this daughter of a Mukiga, unlocked her phone and went in search of friends to check on. Yes, I am one of those people who will actually say hi because I am just saying hi, not looking for help/money/connections/phone number – Nada, I am just checking on you. If I need any of the above though, you will find like 6 missed calls from me – tehehehe, I am persistent like that.

Anywho, I landed on this friend who is really gifted with “the words” and we started talking about poems. He penned a number… Impressive… tehehe, seeing as I cannot rhyme to save my life.

These are my 4 absolute favourites… Oh yeah, they are not connected in anyway…


She wants warmth made out of anything
Like a beating heart out of jelly beans
She’s a Princess at the tower’s window
Talking to the giant willow.


Well, I’d take your smile any day
The eyes you hide behind your frames any day
Your little gentle voice any day
The lines of code running in your head, any day.


Writing you a script,
You could be the Princess
I could be the King
You could pick a crown
I’d give you a ring
When they see us from the outer rim
I’d have my rising page
Scripting with me.


They are yours
Laced with a tinge of me.


Okay that last one, I am sure was an accidental rhyme…

The author of these AMAZING rhymes… Nev!
(So don’t steal with out accrediting.)

25 thoughts on “Poems after Nine…”

  1. Don’t get me started on poems. I used to write poems in high school while the teacher’s were babbling. Like he would be dictating notes and I’d just start writing a stanza out of nowhere. LOL Biology was soooo overrated anyway!

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  2. Mehn Mehn… Oh should i say Nev… Nev.. These lines, these musings will get people wishing they wore glasses with maroon frames;
    or they had a smile and a gentle voice too,
    But how far can they wish…
    There can only be one Rising page!
    One muse to these lines.

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