Prayer changes the mundane…

Yes… I pray. Oh Jesus. I pray. Tehehe, and this is an example of when I prayed and I did not get my answer exactly they way I demanded of God.

If you are in Kampala, you know of the rains that darken the skies whenever they please. I remember getting off my desk at 3pm and seeing the skyline – noticing the dark tell-tale signs of the impending downpour.

Refusing to be deterred, I resolved to leave at 5pm, rain or not. It started at 4pm. You know that teasing rain, where you get to the door because you think it has stopped only for it to increase it’s intensity as soon as your foot hits the gravel. Opening my umbrella, I started praying – they say we have dominion – so I should be able to shut these cloud up, right? Meh! It felt like someone was playing with the rain switch. I finally manage to cross the area notorious for flooding without too much incidence. Soon as I hopped into the taxi – Boom! With such a fury, the drops pelleted at the taxi roof.

I started praying again. I just needed to get to town before 6, it was 5.15. The shop closed at 6. There is no other shop in Kampala with the same quality thread (wuzi). **Back track** crocheting is a hobby of mine and a friend needed a beret for herself and for her son. I had made up my mind that if I do not get the thread, I would not have another opportunity to.

**Back to the journey** We are now at former Steers and there is just no where to go. We sat for a good twenty minutes. The rain was still falling with fierce rhythm. ‘Prayer is not helping,’ I started thinking to myself. So I began to make peace with the fact that the evening was not going to turn out exactly as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I continued to pray. 5.40. We start to move. The taxi got to Watoto Church at 5.50, I jumped out (literally) and started the leaping-hopping-running to the shop. It is on Sure House.

“Sorry, we are closed”

I was like No. No. No.

I knocked, lol! The place looked empty but the light was still on. I saw I head bob up and motion me to the sign. I was like. Wah! I prayed. I ran. Kirabo, don’t run. I made a pleading sign and refused to budge. She kept motioning me away, till I guess she figured, easier to just open the door. Tehehe, I was smiling and thanking her profusely. Apologising and talking a mile a minute, while my hands were shaking from all the adrenaline.

It was 5.55.

Sadly, more often than not, our prayers seem to hit a brick wall and bounce back at us. Unless you are hardcore mature supernatural, the process often leaves you broken, drained and discouraged about trying again. But then… the sun still rises the next day, your lungs still take breathe and your eyes still open – despite your heavy heart. Remember to take heart as you see that sun, as you draw breath – Remember, your prayers never fall on deaf ears. For if our spiritual eyes were opened, we would see what was truly going on.

He listens. He answers.

Change your focus.

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4 thoughts on “Prayer changes the mundane…”

  1. Yep. If you opened your eyes you’d see the hills around you were covered with chariots of fire… and all the angel generals carrying umbrellas, of course. 🙂


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