such unlikely compassion…

Compassion. I feel like this is often misunderstood to be love. When you show compassion for someone and then suddenly the whole world starts deep thinking and then before you know it…


This is not where I intended to go. Okay, Kirabo – let’s try this again.


 sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Synonyms include empathy – which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Compassion is not a word that I use often but lately it is one that has been making rounds in my head. First time it did, I shook it off the way a write shakes off a dead-end one-liner. Tehehe, I just completely made that up – Lol!

Today, I was presented with the same situation and I feel compelled to write about it.

It was 1.40pm – I had just finished the last of my errands before the glorious wedding that is tomorrow (again, it is not me that is getting married – it is my Rebecca. My sweet little girl. Gone. Just like that.). Then I saw it. Rain. Falling. Why me Lord. Why? Like what did I ever do to you?

Yes, I have melodramatic moments with the commander of the heavenly forces. He is into me like that.

ANYWAY, meh! My digressing gene is on a roll today. Back to the story, I run to SAS clinic because I feel more confident crossing the road from there, luckily a Jinja road taxi is waiting for me. So hope-skip-step-run and I am standing in front of the taxi wondering – there is no way I can jump that puddle (In one of the more recent hailstorms in the city, I learned that my muscles aren’t as strong as I thought they were. Tried to jump a puddle infront of City Oil Kamwokya and almost landed on my knees. The process not falling hurt so bad, kindda wish I had just fallen).

The conductor quickly figured it out and asked the driver to get onto the pavement so I could enter. So he did and onto the taxi I hoped. As we drew closer to Shell Capital, several of the commuters were impatiently demanding to get off the taxi – I wondered why? It was pouring. The conductor calmly told them he was looking for a dry spot for them.

So through the furiously pouring rain we drove, often driving through petrol stations looking for commuters. Then it got to my spot. Centenary Park. Those of you who just gasped you know. Y’all don’t get it. The water that had collected there was knee deep. KNEE DEEP. At the Airtel tower, cars were crawling, one motorcycle that had parked on the side was being swept away but the water. My mouth was open, I looked through the windshield and this was the same situation all along the road ahead as well.

The driver drove through the water and as soon as we were a little passed it, we all began to breath a little. Now, I needed to get out. So I alert the conductor, and they all start looking. Honestly, even the next stage was water, they asked if I was going to UMI, I lied, said yes – they parked at the gate.

This is the second time I have seen our Ugandans in the transport service show concern. The first time was also during a storm.

It is almost as if rain brings out the oneness in us.

PS: Kuzeec, that title is intentional. I am choosing to copy skaheru.


10 thoughts on “such unlikely compassion…”

  1. Over the weekend, I was in a taxi to Ntinda.
    There was on old lady by the roadside opposite Ntinda Police. The conductor decided to stop the taxi, helped her into the car and the taxi dropped her to her destination in Ntinda absolutely free.
    What touched me is that the driver and conductor waited for her patiently and wordlessly as she climbed into the vehicle.
    ….such unlikely compassion!

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