For the love of that giddy feeling

As I mentioned before… the introverted quagmire (This is such a peculiar word – I thought it was Ugandan English and not actual formal English) that I am happens to like change. Sometimes. And gifts – Lol! And new things. Like moving to a new office. The smell of new paint. The aluminium smell of an ice cold MacBook.

Gwash! I have completely lost my train of thought. Hahaha.

We are in the process of transitioning to a new office and I have to say – I am in love with the layout and design of the new office. I mean. You know those office design type places that you only thinking you will find on Google. Or when you boss asks for office layout ideas, you run off to Pinterest and immerse yourself in hours upon hours of double tapping.

You see, I wasn’t exactly looking for employment so close to returning home. Rather ashamed to admit, I was planning on laying low till January, doing nothing in particular but good old unemployment. Yes. My level of zero focus amazes me as well. However, my affinity for laziness will be a post for another day. I remember one random afternoon in Pitt, finding this link on (Yes, Ugandan companies can also post here) – to this company. The job description looked interesting so I thought, why not? It’s close to home. They are working to improve livelihoods. Why not?

Then I show up at the office. The garden hit me. I was like wow! Lol! Then the most interesting encounter for a type A introvert (No, we don’t have types, I just made that up – tehehe). The lady at the reception smiled at me, gave me a warm welcome & engaged in conversation. I died. I started trying to remember if I had met her somewhere. Racking my brain for her name but kept coming up blank.

Then my interviewer showed up and I was like yep… I think I would work here. Why you ask? He was wearing shorts. Any place that allows you to wear shorts to work goes to the tope of the pile in my book. Interview went well – then came the technical part. Programming. Python. Kirabo’s actual experience level: -1/100. Good old Google and YouTube showed up – but still, there were some questions that forging was just out of the question.

When I did get the offer – it wasn’t glorious. It wasn’t in butala – it was an internship position with maybe the promise of employment depending on performance.

Now, if you don’t remember, let me remind you – I was valedictorian of my class. Not sure what that means?

 a student, typically having the highest academic achievements of the class, who delivers the valedictory at a graduation ceremony.

Yes, complete with a speech on two YouTube channels… and they gave me an internship. Maybe you do not understand – this is not an undergraduate degree, it is a graduate degree – a whole Master of Science. “Iwe mwana, do they know who I am” speech began to play out.

That is when I caught myself, first off – it was a programming position – purely programming. My experience outside of school, only went as far as front end web development. A purely programming position would be a dream come true as it was on my bucket list. Plus… shorts. Remember the shorts… Yes.

So I cut me a slice of the ‘pie’ and showed up the next week. It’s been a learning experience ever since. From working with a team that believes in me more than I do myself, to opening up PyCharm and wondering where I am going to start from – absolutely clueless as to how to solve a problem. Only to look up four hours later realise, ‘Oh! That was it?’.

A couple of weeks later I was offered a full time position as a software developer – can you believe it. Me. Writing code. Full time. Yes, I accepted – #Hi5TeamShorts. Now, we are moving into a new office and below is going to be my view…

IMG_1211 (1)
Photo Credit: Kirabo Byabashaija

That view reminded me of a prayer I made. A rather unserious prayer. Please don’t judge me. Lol! So I prayed for a job, yes I had a vague generic description of what I wanted to do. A combination of Machine Learning and Software Engineering. Then I also prayed for coloured seats at the office… Like you know those offices with different types of furniture… Coloured sofa seats…. I asked for orange specifically.

My first seat during internship was an orange sofa.

Sometimes, we knock things off or snob them just because they are packaged differently. There was never 100% certainty that the job would result in a full time position – Both the company and I took a gamble in each other. Is this where I see myself until the ever after – Haha, I don’t know.

What I have learned is that God has a very unique sense of humour. He adores it when he surprises me – especially in the moments when I think he wasn’t listening.

For now – I shall accept the shorts and orange sofa and the bewildered expression at the beginning of every week.

For where is the excitement in living, if you must have every single detail figured out…


10 thoughts on “For the love of that giddy feeling”

  1. Tukutendereza….. His is always faithful even when we are not…. PS: I’m totally booking you for coffee or icecream date when I come home in Dec…. we better start looking for nice spot with orange chairs 😉

    May the blessings continue to overflow ….. doing my happy dance

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha!! See you in our orange sofa’d hangout. Meanwhile there is this thing that Javas called a Frappe – Cookies & Cream Frappe. To die for!!!!

      Recommended drink on this date.
      Hides face The hips are already complaining about the calories.


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