Oh, what a day!

Oh What a day!!

This Monday has been like no other. It’s the aftermath of #UgBlogWeek, there is a silent calm that has taken over the timeline. I have spent the day dividing my attention between multiple things. The upcoming wedding on Saturday. The last tweets from UGBlogWeek. The work bug that left me confused. Running up and down in town doing the last fitting for my dress. No. It is not my wedding. It’s just that for the first time, I wanted to do something different. All my current dresses have featured in almost all wedding albums. With some albums containing the same dress. No. There is nothing wrong with the that using the same dress – but sometimes, you just want ko a change.

So yes, my lunch time was filled between the tailors changing room and a green plastic stool waiting for the adjustments to be made. Then running between Avemar and that complex next to Namaganda – below Radio One. So glad that the dress is finally done – Now onto jewellery… Where does one start.

Now I am seated next to my mom, watching CCTV. I used to think that CCTV was the surveillance system that was used in movies but I digress. Ever since my daddy passed, I have made it a point to get out of myself. I shall explain, before the English nazis attack. You see my dad and I were peas in a pod. We would seat in total silence in each other’s presence and we would be fine. My Mum on the other hand, would look in bewilderment, lol! Like what is wrong with these housemates of mine, she would lament. She would start speaking, we would listen to her on and off – switching between her and tennis. Answering whenever was appropriate. We had learned the cues – Him and I. Tehehe… But there were days she would win hands down – the days when there was no power or DSTV was off. When I went away to school my loner gene was semi intensified, those early days when I had just returned. I would hardly ever leave my room unless I had to leave the house which was never.

I felt guilty eventually – and now started forcing myself to sit in the same space as her. Whether it is at the dining table or the sitting room. I shall be present and not the tag team half eared present that my dad and I played so well, but physically involved in asking questions and earnestly listening.

What I find really fascinating – that enigma I mentioned yesterday – is, in the presence of my close friends that recessive gene that I inherited from my mom. The one of chief host, life of the party shows up. I am chatting. Talking louder than I should. Laughing till my chest hurts. Just ask those who were at the wedding meeting a few weeks ago. It’s actually fun.

Being me that is.

This post really had no direction to begin with. Take a chill pill and relax. It is Monday.


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