#UgBlogWeek (Day 6) Wait…

Tonight, I find myself reflecting on the day. Thinking about a lot of things that happened in my immediate surroundings. Both internal surroundings and external surrounds.



I am reminded on the post that I wanted to schedule last night – the topic was going to revolve around the impact of marriage on singles. I have read quite a bit about this on #UGBlogWeek this past week and I wanted to add my two cents. You see, I was going to attend an introduction the next day (now today) and I wanted to capture what I was thinking before I had a chance to live the day and it in turn corrupt my view point.

However, I left the saloon at 9pm, got home and had to iron the Gomesi, then do a mani-pedi. By the time I was done, my brain was chanting #itsneverthatserious. I resolved to write the post as I waited for the function to start – we hit the ground running when we arrived early the next morning, and Vodafone network in Kajjansi – only works when you are on an elevated level – Tehehe, I know!

So the day is close to an end and indeed – my view point has been erroneously corrupted.

I wanted to write about missing my friends. About how marriage affects everyone – the marry-ees & the single friends. About how even though I was happy, I was scared that I was about to lose a friend. Then I heard stories about moms who missed their babies. Newly weds who missed their friends. Lives that presently seemed out of balance. I heard of the same tiny twinge of ‘I-miss-how-it-was’ but this is a new step, we all have to deal.


I got home after the function and found waiting for me on the dinning table – the water bill. A nice hefty water bill. The kind that makes you look twice at the sum and think,

‘The hell is going on? Is this a washing bay, what?’

Yes, that was Uga-lish, get over yourself. In my mind, the tweet had already formed… My distaste at the state of current state of the government entity concerned was about to become public to the world. However, I got delayed by obscure occurrences around the house – misplaced keys, water run (the irony), etcetera. In walks my mum with a tale about her day – I love listening to her stories and watching her facial expressions: Priceless.

I remember the bill, and ask her if she had seen it. She tells me how the NWSC Meter guy was in perpetual shock when he read the bill. She described how he started brainstorming with her what could have been the cause of the hike.


Just now, as I was writing this, at about 10.00pm (it is now 10.47pm) – I decided to install our solar lights in the greenhouse.

You see, a few months ago we started a greenhouse project and set up 2 stories of mushrooms. We have been harvesting them with torches because we couldn’t yet afford a solar installation. I work for a company that makes Solar batteries, so I had been asking around – payment plans, trying to budget around buying one. On Friday, at 5pm – I was asked if I wanted to be among the group of testers for the battery. No one understood my excitement. Lol! I couldn’t wait to show my mum; her mouth dropped. She called my sister – she was shouting over the phone. It’s just a solar thingie, you say – whats the big deal – You try harvesting with a lamp then return to this post.

Ah! but I digress, so at 10.00pm I decide to install the lights, my reasoning was, we are starting the harvest at 4am because the client is coming at 7am. This will make it easier. So off we go to install the lights, there in the middle of it all, UMEME happens. Power went off. The entire area.


Many times we are presented with an opportunity to make a remark. To make an impact on a situation. Many times we just rush into it fwaa. Many times we scar each other and make an undecipherable mess of situations. Many times, God just wants us to wait 47 mins OR 1.30hrs OR 1 month OR 1 day. (I hope you saw what I did there.)

You see after the waiting, we gain a new perspective. A new insight into something that we thought we had all figured out.  Again! We often run to share this new insight into situations that we seem to think might be a right fit – but in all honesty, the weighted value of said insight can only be determined by one being, He that inspired you with it. Sometimes. Just sometimes. I think, if he wanted to share it with everyone, he could have.

Next time.

Just wait.


9 thoughts on “#UgBlogWeek (Day 6) Wait…”

  1. Wedding socks? No. Green house socks? Maybe.

    Marriage disrupts. So does education. So does work. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d not be close to some people as I was then. And somehow it becomes normal. Work moves friends, education…

    Aren’t you thankful for this kind of communication?

    I have a friend who went overseas for school and we remained actively friends till they came back.. anyway maybe I am digressing.


  2. I actually laughed out loud at #It’sNeverThatSerious. Because I understand that on a deep level! I understand planning an outfit and then realising that you want the hem shortened by just an inch and then you take it to the tailor a couple of days before the function only to go back and they had no electricity all day so you’re going to have to cut it close and get it the day before the wedding and then you get there and they’ve ruined it! Utterly ruined it! And then you sit in the tailor’s shop and cry out of frustration and no one understands what’s going on because your mwenda is beautiful anyway and even the other customers exclaim how beautiful it is. But only you can see how they made it way too short and you can’t comfortably wear your 6-inch-heels without looking like you’re wearing mutema. And then the curls in your hair start to unravel and it’s not even the day of the wedding. Sigh. Too much? Just know I understand.

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