#UgBlogWeek (Day 5): Bambi, come KO to my Blog. Nawe…

Bambi… Come KO to my Blog. Bambi. Ate leave ko a comment, at least ko a ka like.

In many ways, I think this is why I closed my Facebook account. As a human being, “words of affirmation” – they work for me. They get me going. The lack of them, leaves me an empty shell of neediness. Melancholy neediness. Like imagine 100 of that sad creature from inside out.

Converted into the currency of social media this means – Likes, Comments, Shares, Retweets, Reposts, that little bar chart in my admin panel going up up up.

When I open up a new post and start typing… I am plagued with thoughts that go along the lines of: “this is a shitty post”,  “Kirabo, your grammar sucks – did you see that chick who posted about grammar issues, yes, she was talking about you”, “Now look, that sentence was too long”,”That story was way too personal – Eish woman! This is the world wide web not your personal journal”,”Will people get the point?”

Jeez, Kirabo – insecure, much?

How-to-listen-1Yes, so like @pkahill wrote – the voices in my head have voices in their collective heads. Now, can you imagine the stress that was brought on by #UgBlogWeek?? You open your TweetDeck and it has exploded with this one blog that people will not stop talking about, begrudgingly you head over there and discover, all them people did not even claim socks. *insert devil smiley*, You laugh quietly to yourself and demand what is rightfully yours.

Or you decide, “but all these 100 followers of mine, they have to help me become famous (inner dreams now coming out)…”. You tag each and every one of them in your qouted tweet of your tweet.

I am GUILTY!!!

This morning, I smiled when I scrolled through the tweets and discovered I was not alone… Tehehe, I have some friends out there.  Quite a number of you, I might add.


The fear of putting yourself out there because you are not sure how people will react to you, is like attempting to live within your shadow.

Take a deep breath and acknowledge, people might not/never get your particular brand of curious crazy – Tehehe and that is okay, because they will have no idea what they are missing out on. **Insert, it sucks to be them cliche**.

Note to myself & any other the ‘hits counter addicts’ out there:


A luta continua, vitória é certa

24 thoughts on “#UgBlogWeek (Day 5): Bambi, come KO to my Blog. Nawe…”

  1. now i shall claim these socks….hehe but *Disclaimer u r alone in this movie totesibako (hides Face) but well its got to be more than fame…People gotta like what u do to make u face or hate it so bad that it stains thea TLs

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  2. I am your biggest fan!!!! I’m not kidding.. I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Going to show your God-mother your blog. She should get a little insight into her child’s mind.


  3. You are not alone in this movie, I share my blogs all over the www. Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, I even promote them on COPromote. If it was possible I would Whatsapp them. I check my hits like I am getting paid for finding out. Why?

    Well, because;
    1) Are ready for this comment to become a blog?
    2) Because it guides me on what my readers like to read
    3) I analyse my analytics to know who I am talking to kubanga the first rule I learnt about content marketing is knowing your audience.
    4) you have a typo in paragraph 5 hehe, no that is not the reason. Partly it is, the wider the audience the more eyes on your grammar, sentence construction, punctuation and all those things that make reading interesting.
    5) should I continue? hehe I have a personal experience about a blog making you famous for not the content but the grammar. (for another day)

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  4. Bambi i have come and am leaving a comment. For all those who collected socks and forgot to affirm,
    I am guilty as charged..
    Your Blog is one of the great places i have been back and forth for this week.

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  5. “The struggle continues, victory is certain”…..

    I just had to google that one….gosh how I love your mind. Even your dullest post on your worst day when writer’s block hits….could not keep me away from this site

    where are the wordpress emoticons when you need them insert countless love hearts

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