#UgBlogWeek (Day 5): _______________________

Some days I think that God deserves a round of applause. Lol. Yes. I am a bit loco like that. Everything that he does or ‘allows to happen‘ (<– I have just learned that ka one) is intricately planned.


Around midway last month, I got the strangest urge about the month of October. *hides face* I get those a lot. Strange urges. I once described them as spooky to a friend – she didn’t like it much. Never mentioned it again. About this urge – that used to be called spooky, it was a feeling that never left. Kept coming back. A feeling. Oba a knowing and what was it?

October is going to be hard-ish

So what did I do with this information? I went on a 7-day fast for the month of October. Prayed and believed and bound whatever would be tiring me. This is what I have picked up along my journey. This is the ‘normal’ reaction.

It’s 22nd October and I gotta say, the last 8 days have been hard and I mean hard. Just Wednesday’s post alone, left me both physically and emotionally drained at 11am – Iwe mwa, ya donno!

This led me to the question, was my reaction wrong? Like what was supposed to be my reaction? Is one reaction supposed to work in all situations? That is the question isn’t. Because if my reaction was the right one, that would mean that my Abba did not answer my prayer. Oba his answer was no. Ohh.. I don’t like the thought of that last one – God saying no. Eish!

Hmm… What if in addition to the prayer (because prayer is really important), I had rearranged my days? What if I had not over committed? What if I had chosen to sleep early, instead of trolling #UgBlogWeek for socks all night (Guilty, as heck on this one)?

I guess what I am ineloquently trying to say is most times one shoe doesn’t fit all. We serve an amazingly creative God but my mind boogles at how we are so quick to forget that little fact. Tehehe, the Bible itself describes the ‘creatures’ in heaven and you are like:

Ekiki?? What do you mean eyes all over the wings.

(Revelation 4:8 and also Ezekiel 10:12)

Even this one is in the Bible...
Even this one is in the Bible: A Leviathan.

May we live life in abundant expectation of the unexplainable, but also have the innate wisdom to apply it correctly, especially in our ordinary days.


17 thoughts on “#UgBlogWeek (Day 5): _______________________”

  1. Yes, God says no, its painful that no. But as He is all knowing and all good, we rejoice in the pain. Me, I fight Him, keep nagging Him about it and all he keeps saying “Stand still and know I am God! My name is I AM.” Like calm yourself madam, I gotta this. SMH

    But this socks struggle though…

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    1. Haha… You relinquished your socks bragging rights here.

      I hate the God no – Tehehe, and He knows it. Lol, One time, he let me get my way upto a certain point and then he brought his foot down. Literally.

      I love him even more for it.

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  2. May we live life in abundant expectation of the unexplainable, but also have the innate wisdom to apply it correctly, especially in our ordinary days.

    That conclusion, I like. Great piece, great writing style (from a writer’s perspective)

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    1. Wow! From a writers perspective! Thanks, Tim!

      And welcome to my blog, I do believe this is the first time I am seeing your here.
      Feel free to read other posts as well.

      PS: I always look out for the writer’s feedback.


  3. I know this is late, I only got round to going through all the #UgBlogWeek blogs today, but I have something to say. Fasting and praying doesn’t mean that your situation is going to necessarily change. What it does is that it prepares you. It brings you into submission to the Most High so that whatever the world and its prince throw at you, you can handle it. I realised this when my family was praying and fasting for my dying father and then when the day of his major surgery came (after months of being in and out of a coma) we were the calmest bunch ever! My brother was playing football, my sister was playing video games, I was serving tea to all the people who had suddenly descended on our house like mourners as if my father was dead, and someone else was busy watching America’s Next Top Model. God didn’t heal my dad instantly, he allowed us the assurance that he would not die. That’s what I think praying and fasting does. So your month was hard, so what? Didn’t God bring you through it? Didn’t you kick that hard month’s butt? Did you not have peace and joy despite it? Praise Jesus! Sometimes I look at how healthy my dad is and wonder, how did we go through that? We prayed and fasted. Ok, end of sermon. Heh.

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    1. Noo!! This made so much sense. When you think, this situation should have broken me but realize that it didn’t.

      No. This made sense. Thanks for the mini sermon, Carlo!

      Ps: At least you came! Now if we could persuade you to continue your Bible Series… Even though it is one post a month – we are willing to read and wait.


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