#UgBlogWeek (Day 4): Things I do on my break

So my afternoon posts are becoming more about how to RELAX – Hahaha! So if you came looking for some deep insight – a beg, wait for the morning.

Lately, I have been introduced to Youtube Channels – Yeah, I know. Who doesn’t surf Youtube – Me. Take a moment. Laugh if you must. So I landed on these three channels that sometimes shred movies into pieces and I am soo addicted to them.

Embedded in this post are a number of these videos, you can look them up if you want to see whether they have done your movie.

Bambi, don’t beef, if you don’t agree with them. I mean, I am the chick you geeks out over transforms and yet has all 4 Twilight movies as well as the books. Tehehehe, just laugh a long – It is really never that serious…

Honest Trailers

Cinema Sins

Couch Tomato 

PS: Image Source: Google Images


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