#UGBlogWeek: Goofball Chronicles

I have this insane affinity for mirrors and I have no idea why.

You know that moment when you are in the bathroom, after you have finished your business. Whether it was a number 1 or a number 2, somehow, now that it is out, all is right with the world. You have a tune in your head and your lips are just about to comply to let it out. You open the tap to wash your hands – after all, health is a priority. It’s a mindless chore really, you squirt out the soap and go about scrubbing.

Then you look up.

Your eyes lock.

For the briefest second, you see the glimmer in your reflection’s eyes. Daring you to do something insanely silly – After all, no one is watching, the door is locked anyway.

I always fall for it… For the next 5 minutes, I go full-on-Mr-Bean-aint-got-nothin-on-me-goofball. From crossing my eyes to making the duck face thing or even strutting about like a Victoria Secret Model – anything goes. Or the Bond theme song, that beginning part when the target is moving before he shoots…

Best time to do all this… Yeah, you guessed it! In the afternoon, when productivity is dipping – what better way to give your creativity a boost.

This one time, I went all Liam on my reflection, “I don’t know who you are…”. Then of course there are the moments when I dare my reflection to do something different… I stare back at the girl looking at me and will her to wiggle her eyebrows or smirk. Of course she just looks back with the same expression on her face… Taunting me.

Ofcourse if she did move, I’d probably run around screaming, “Yamawe, KOKO!” However, we all know that will never happen.

So here is your afternoon creative jumpstart recipe…

Thank me later…

** Image from Google Images


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