#UgBlogWeek. Blogging Tips – Continued from @skaheru

This post was born in the comments section of @skaheru‘s post: #UgBlogWeek tips for the bloggers in Uganda and beyond.

I am not yet an expert but there are some practises that I have learned over the years and I thought that it would be awesome to share some of these things as we take on #UGBlogWeek in full force.

  1. Include your twitter handle in your blog settings. This will help your readers tag you once they commit to tweet your post. This way, you are tagged in all your posts and not making it look like your reader wrote your post. There are so many exceptional posts that are coming through – I think people should know who you are Mister/Miss Amazing Writer. Unless you are writing incognito, and you do not want to link the two accounts. If you use WordPress and are interested in this, head over to Settings >> Sharing >> then fill out this field: “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button”.
  2. Include the hashtag in your title – I feel like this is like a hack, but it works. When you post, the hashtag is automatically carried over, it is also useful when your reader tweets the post, the hashtag is automatically included.
  3. Interaction – a.k.a show some love. Yo! Leave a comment in the comments section… Come on, some of us, you know how long it takes you to get inspired and then you just read and then nara… Nawe!! (tehehehe… Yes, comment on top of that like). Jokes aside, some of you are really good – leave a tip for someone else, leave your opinion… I left a mini-blog-comment on @bugingosharon’s blog post because, LOL! I was feeling that post mob!
  4. Allo! Make sure your comments section is working – **side-eye at @spartacussug **
  5. For my friends who are still using Blogger, banange – how do you do it? Lol! Please work on your comment moderation – some of you only allow people with blogger accounts to comment on your blog… Not cool. You can still have moderation but include the rest of us.
  6. Last but not least, WIN SOME SOCKSS!! This is an old UGBlogren tradition, I have no idea what the original meaning is, maybe @nevender or @carlo can help but basically, if you are the first person to comment on the blog, the socks belong to you. What do you get in return – well, bragging rights… isn’t that enough. (PS: You do not necessarily have to read the post first – Tehehe, claim ’em socks, then read)

And if you feel like I have left out something crucial, continue this post on your blog – we are after all a community, non?

**Image source: Google Images


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