#UGBlogWeek: Nankani’s Letters

Dearest Nankani,

It’s been a while since I have put pen to paper, I must say that the smell of this Quil ink takes me back to Primary 4. That new wet smell that quickly assaults your nostrils when it slightly spills onto the paper. The class teacher never liked that – that class teacher of P.4.P – one time he caught me sharing ice with a friend and he verbally reprimanded me. It was the cone-cup shaped ice that seemed to have a little milk in it. How could i not taste it.

The simplicity of those days is what I keep drifting back to. The complexity of today is the main factor that has contributed to the event.

No doubt you will remember the event because it was just the two of us there in that moment in space and time. I could come up with a whole host of reasons as to why the event happened but they would all be a meaningless list of conjoined letters. So I will not hide behind them.

It happened. There was an error in my logic and it happened.

The dense perplexity that spread itself across your face was an indicator that I chose to ignore. In my feigned ignorance, I ran towards my destination with blurred vision. My destination however offered me no solace, only more questions to the the invisible entity that keeps me from revealing the true nature of my being.

Why do i keep with the correspondence when i am vehemently insisting upon not relying on the solace provided by well timed excuses.

A futile effort to appease the voices making your case in my head.

your friend,

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8 thoughts on “#UGBlogWeek: Nankani’s Letters”

  1. Not to toot anyone’s horn……but it’s been awhile since I have loved a blog as much as I currently love yours…… you just gerrrrritttttt and I cant stop reading!!!!!! 🙂


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