the girl in the red scarf.

“Come Come. Sit. Find a place. Sit.” she urged. “Today, I want to tell you a story. It is a story unlike one that you have heard before.”

We sat. Intrigued and excited. She told the best stories anyway, and since we were pretty much fed up with each other, we were willing to sit and listen to this story.

“Ah!” She began – gleam in her eye and a slightly crooked smile on her lips. “I wish you could have seen her. She was a friend to all of us but an envy of many – it was hard not to envy her really. She seemed to have it all.”

“Her smile. It told of that bitter sweet pain. That deep maturity that came with knowing great sadness. It also told of a certain cheekiness that teased whoever was willing to stay long enough to engage. She tilted her head to the left, her hand under her chin and smiled at me. I wondered what was going on in her head, would she let me in because I had spent the last hour talking incessantly about myself and I heard scarcely heard a thing from her.

You see, Kush was like that. Always the friend willing to hear you out. Always the friend with an answer – be it easy or not. I often wondered if she had anyone she was reaching out to. Anyone who she opened up to. She was also a strange one, our Kush… She had an animals nose – she could smell funk from a mile a way and boy did she not like it. She had nothing against the people – she just wished people would give out deodorant more than they do sugar.

Kush looked good in almost anything. and I mean anything, there is a certain way that she wore things and the rest of the world did it’s best to complement her… Even dull colors looked good on her. All colors really. Especially red. She had that red scarf. she wore it in two circles around her neck. It’s not just that heads turned whenever she wore it, it’s that – she loved the feeling she got when she wore it.

She never bought it for herself. Red wasn’t even a color that she loved – actually she didn’t like red much until a couple of years ago. Now red was a color she went to for certain things – recently when she saw the scarf in the store – she just knew.

She picked two and walked away from the store.

That is when the adventure began.”


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