#UGBlogWeek : Share your Stories for Seven Days

#TuBlogginge #UGBlogWeek #UGBloggers7Days

Joel B Ntwatwa

A year ago, the first ever Ugandan mass blogging week was declared under the hashtag #UgBloggers7Days.

The reason it was started was the lack of blogs in Ugandan webspace. Sure there were a few bloggers posting about different things; like politics, economy, arts, lifestyle, but again there was no regularity with this posting.

When #UgBloggers7Days started it was to revive the blogging culture. A year later, there have been some improvements made even the development of a blog aggregator called storipot. The Social Media Awards even had nominations for Blogger of the Year.

Nonetheless, a year later there is a lot to aim for. Uganda has a lot of stories unsaid and unheard. In this very week, there have been stories about police brutality, the impending arrival of the pope, local tourism efforts (#koikoiug, #ondaba), leisure events such as #klacocktailweek, #kampalacityfestival and more.

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