It’s not poverty…

I normally steer clear of some conversations because I feel like I am not eloquent enough to sustain an argument or do not have enough authority to boldly convince the masses (you). Conviction is one thing but what if you fall flat on your face when you attempt to explain something? Yes, that would be me – the girl behind the spectacles.

This post, however, has been forming in my mind for the past few weeks and even though I feel quite insecure about talking about this, I feel somewhat burdened to.

My country’s problem is not poverty.

Now before you write me off, afford me five minutes of your time (No. Pun was not intended).

You see, tonight I was watching NTV and they wear talking about Maternal Health. How two areas were quite notorious of having people die. Yes, it is vague because it is at this point that I started to pay attention. This took me back to that moment earlier today when I saw a car pass. A deep red SUV. I will get into that later. The next topic on the screen was the commission. The UNRA one. The lady was grilling the guy, asking him questions and getting answers she was not quite happy about. Apparently, government had spent in the billions on that project. Next was the East African Assembly Legislation announcement of how East African Countries are in debt. The also made it sound like it was in the billions.

What makes me scratch my scalp is this, for a country that is poor… Where are all these billions of dollars going?

Back to the deep red SUV. It is quite a thing using public means of transportation – you get to appreciate good drivers and the i-dont-give-a-damn-even-though-i-see-you-standing-on-the-side-of-the-road-i-will-spray-you drivers. So this one morning, I was running late and taxis were not as many as they usual were – that is when i noticed it. The deep red SUV. My jaw dropped a little, want to know the kicker? The driver noticed and he rolled by me in slow motion. I swear, it wasn’t in my head.

Sadly, the thought I was amazed at the wheels he was rolling in – NO! That was not the shock. The shock was the government plates that were attached to the car!

Dude. Dude. Dude.

First wait – Assuming that the H on the UG plates means Health, and assuming that hospitals are also under the Health Body that is cruising in a blazing hot Kia Sorento… Why is power still going off at hospitals? Why are hospitals few and far in between? Why is the state of medical still lacking? I mean, am I looking at this wrong? I dont understand. Does this mean that you should not get them to reward this with a fancy car – by all means do so, but after you have made that hospital look shiny, motivated the health staff, worked on better health care policy (do we even have a health care policy). I mean, not many people would mind if JM rolled up in a RollsRoyce, why? Because the city looks much better than it has in such a long time.

Scarcely had my mouth closed when a Ford with UG plates sped off passed me.


Poverty is not our problem.


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