Did you see them?

She couldn’t be more than 5 years old, clutching her 3 year old brother’s hand, she got to the road and then glared at us.

Only after we motioned for her to cross, did she relax her face. She dropped his hand as soon as they got to the other side and walked on ahead. He wasn’t happy, in fact he wasn’t interested in walking – he stood and stared at the cars. With his finger in his nose and one hand clutching a book, he attempted to walk and start at the same time. It wasn’t work, so he just stood in one place and watched.

She turned back and couldn’t see him, she yelled at him, not happy about his progress. He picked up his feet and hurried toward her.


She looked about 6 months old, he was clutching her as if his life depended on it. Today, she had a little hoodie on – making me wonder if he had dressed her. Was this his daughter? Where does he take her every morning?

Today, she was a wake and looking about.


She had flats on… The comfortable walking kind. She was typing as she walked, her fingers furiously going to work.

Would she able to see the manhole if she happened upon one?


Take a moment to glance out of the window of your morning commute. You might find familiar faces…


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