The Psalms! What a mystery…

Currently in GodIs, I am in the Book of Psalms. 

Quick Recap: ‘GodIs’ is a Bible dissection that a group of friends and I are doing. We basically read two chapters a day and discover who God is according to scripture. Some times we get it, other times we are left thinking, “huh?”

So, like I was saying – I am in Psalms, this is one of the books that I am beginning to realize I am epically guilty of misquoting! It never really sank in unto now that ‘most’ of the Psalms are David’s personal journal. They are his point of view on who God is. 

This guy, David was devoted to God. Like what! You know how close you are to your skin, this is what kind of relationship they had. David deserves his own post… 

Today it hit me as I read Psalms 18 – we have the privilege of reading the psalms before the Bathsheba plot and after. Did he change? Like we might have ventured to call him a hypocrite had he lived in our today. Lol! I mean, the way he goes on and on about God and then turns around and starts singing, “hey, sexy lady – I like the way you bathe…”

Actually, if he was in the Church today, he would have been “punished”. Alter confessions, should he have chosen to submit. Pointy fingers. Congregations separate as half go on his side and the other half give him the side eye. 

The truth is God never let him get away with it – don’t be fooled, God is not blind. He called David out, kabisa! Complete with consequences that resulted. 

But David’s response is recorded in the Bible. The Psalm that he wrote in response to that and those that resulted after that, psalms we so often quote out of context. 

Today, we would begin to try and ponder this, but my mind would quickly brush it off as “ah, grace. That is God’s grace.”

But what is this Grace thing? Urgh!! Why do I wrestle with its misuse. Like can you understand the gravity of this thing? 

An adulterer, helped write those morning devotions that you pop in with God, once a while. But he repented you say, he asked for forgiveness – To which I respond, the brother’s work is in the Bible! The Holy Book. The God Love Letter. 

Do you see the magnitude now? 

Yet, if he were here today…. There is no place in a lot of Churches for his kind. Heck, we have certain pre-requisites for being being a Christian let alone a person who works in the Church. 

Folly! It is all Folly. We are all guilty. We have all missed the mark. Yet we still breathe and make the same mistakes over and over again! Now tell me about grace. 

God allowed the preadulterer, adulterer and post adulterer to be included in the Holy Scriptures. 

Our rules are pathetic and that is just putting it mildly! 


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