Good or God #1

I have always loved the unique perspective that John Bevere uses when he rights! He always seems to flip what you thought you knew upside down and leave you hungry for God. Hungry for knowing more of God. Hungry for more of God. Yet when I say it like that – I feel like I am not doing him justice in describing the state in which his books leave me in! 

In this particular book, he mentions a well known celebrity who passed away and their death was a public sensation – the world came together and mourned. I remember the mourning I came home I the living room to find my dad watching  he news – he too was shocked. We were sad. The world was sad. 

John mentions a conversation he had with God during that time – when he found out. You know those times when we wrestle with what just happened, when we cannot seem to reconcile what has happened with our perception of who think God is. 

From his conversation with God, this stabbed me deep, God said, 

“she flaunted her defiance to authority and her adultery to the world – she was not submitted to me”. 

I was shocked. Maybe God didn’t know. Maybe he didn’t understand. She was justified in my eyes. She had been justified for years. I gobbled the media reports at the time, I watched every movie made in her honor. 

I took her side. 

Why didn’t God get it? This person was good. In fact they were amazing. Who did he think he was not to think so?!! 



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