Shatter the earth

The definition of earth shattering moments has always been mind blowing sex as depicted by Hollywood sensations. I recently had one those earth shattering moments, not as defined by Hollywood though. No. This time as defined by me. 

One of those moments, when reality fades away, blood drains, fingers go numb and instinct kicks in. Ah! Yes! When there is no time for neurons to do their business but like a marionettist the brain goes to work. With unseen strings, tugging at every muscle, demanding obedience. Her propensity to expound on what is not there is worthy of an Oscar nomination. 

The earth shifted. It was a slight tilt one way, and then another way. Almost a kin to a swaying – that started out gentle then proceeded into a violent shake that left me gasping for breath. The strings were not attached to my lungs. Breath never came. Gasping and clawing, clinging to life – I made my way under the guise of a perfect appearance. 

There in lies our downfall – our emphasis on what our eyes see that our brains perceive. Truth is, more often than not, our vision is devoid of context – there is little background to what we see. Yet we go off, speaking with authority on matters that we have no business adding our voices to. 

My ground broke and my reality shattered yet again. With clenched fists, I raised my voice with a loud cry demanding an answer from the one that is unseen. Why not leave me alone, I demanded. Why not leave me to my disobedient ignorance? 

My brain hurt, she tired of pulling all the strings. My lungs finally awoke to the poisonous scent of pesticides. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes. 

Hopefully tomorrow, I will be no more. 


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