To say that I have crashed and burned and been burned at the alter of expectations would be an understatement.

But how to pick up the pieces after the “perfect- close to 7 year friendship ended” is what is the hardest. Sigh!


Some of you unfortunate lot think that every perfect relationship must end in marriage. Well, it might and it might not, because, marriages, just like most “perfect” relationships end (and not by death). Some of you think that when the bride and groom walk down the aisle to the collective oohs and aahs of the invited guests into their own little “happily ever after”, they’ve achieved in life. Well, it’s a two way street, and I know this, because I’ve been married for all of 26 months and 5 days but trust me, it feels a lot like 75 years of routine. 


Anyway, the thing here is, no one knows just how perfect a perfect relationship is. There are no two people that are exactly alike; not even identical twins. While one twin might like their coffee with cream, the other may like it dark. See? Difference. So let’s all…

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