#TBT: Opportunity.

Today, my “to be thankful” focuses on opportunity. It is not something tangible or whimsical, in some ways it is not quantifiable also – because I feel like there are moments when it gently glides by without notice. 

I am thankful for all those opportunities that I missed. Weird. Getting to write this, I am a mob feels individual so I tend to see things under a different lens. A feeler’s lens. Yes. For those that I have missed. Why. Because the truth is they always come back full circle, only this time you get to recognize what you probably wouldn’t have earlier.

I am thankful for all those opportunities that I was aware of. Tehehehe, I am thankful that I got to realize them because in that moment I was present. Checked in to today. To that moment. 

Ah! Opportunity, I hear some say that you have to be created, not waited for. My secret belief is that you present yourself… Totally dressed for the occasion: whether it is overalls, the smell of coffee, the birth of an idea, the note that turns the music timeless, the toothless grin of a toddler, the appreciation of ruthless boss, the approving glance from a father, the bible verse that changed your outlook…

Be present &a recognize how opportunity has presented herself. 


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