Mind-boggled: Science…

I have wondered about the place of Science in the grand scheme of life. I recently listened to a podcast from someone I greatly admire… **insert: swoon here** and they were talking about the importance of medicine and other sciences things. And in a way turning down the light on Prayer. 

Dang, I feel this post changing directions already.

it’s just that as I write this, I realize that maybe he is right. Maybe we have thrown around this prayer word so much and not truly actually walked away and prayer or sat down with the person to pray. 

In the Bible, there is evidence of the power of Prayer but… **frustrated sigh**… Why should now be different. Why can’t we pray away certain things?

I am saddened when I hear these comments like: “if you want to pray, pray”. Or is it about using discernment in different situations. Knowing when you are called to prayer And when you are called to open the medicine cabinet in faith. 

But then again, maybe this in itself is a lie that I have believed. That somehow, science is out of God’s jurisdiction. When we talk about science, we are somehow not including God in the equation.

Maybe neither of us know how it is working behind the scene… My person I admire and I… May be this science vs prayer thing has more that meets the eye than we can see. 


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