BP #1: Caiaphus

I started watching A.D. The Bible Continues, with a little bit of apprehension. There are a lot of movies about the Bible, but some completely veer off the the original story. Like completely, now here was a series… So I watched with one eye closed and one finger on the exit button.

Much to my delight, I have since been intrigued by it. Yes, may be the plot has been altered by way of adding fillers inbetween different texts, but I cannot help now but wonder about the original characters from the Bible.

One case in point is Caiaphus, he was the high priest at the time of the crucifixion. The Hight Priest. This means, he interceded for the people. He was also allowed to enter the holy place and make sacrifices on behalf of the people of God. The brother with a direct line to GOD.

Suffice it to say, this was one powerful individual.

And yet, he called out for Barabas. He crucified the son of God with so much conviction about him being blasphemous. Like he was so totally and also convinced? But why? And don’t tell me the devil jazz, because, guys this was the high priest. He was totally sold out for, let’s kill this Jew.

I wonder if he doubted. I wonder if somewhere deep down inside he wondered at the possibility of Jesus being who he said he was. I wonder! I just WONDER!!! No seriously, this guy should have been in the mix yet he wasn’t. He should have recognized Jesus, yet he didn’t.

Gosh, even after the death and resurrection! Friends, the brother still jam.

What terrifies me oh so much is our propensity to get things wrong and to be so stuck in our wrong jazz, that we blindly grope around in our spirits, while our physical form appears to be the aura of righteousness.



3 thoughts on “BP #1: Caiaphus”

  1. hehe but you know (failed to find a better way to start this comment) that the priesthood tradition was corrupted reason why God had to send His own and only son to break that old fashion way of ‘priest intercede for me’ and opened a way to let everyone carry their cross to the Savior


  2. I love that show. Watched it and yeah, I loved it.

    All I know is this – James 1:14. I think we refuse to see sometimes.

    Joh 1:11 He came to His own, and His own received Him not.

    Haven’t you ever jammed nga you know God is right, naye you jam? Other times I am told we are blinded intentionally…. *runs off


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