#TBT: God.

No, this is not Throw Back Thursday – Lol! No, this blog’s #tbt stands for To Be Thankful. It is so easy to go through life: the ups and downs, and not take a breath to just realise where you are. Realise, who is around you. Realise where you have come from: both physically and emotionally. Realise, just how much of the journey you have already completed.

For my first #tbt, I am thankful for God.

The ever silent companion, I lie, he is not always silent, truth is he speaks but I am not to keen to listen in all the time. I just wake up when I prefer to think that it is his cue to take.

His relentless love that is told about in the scriptures and that I see in the lives of those around me. I love his reach for mercy and his outpouring of grace. I love that his wisdom can not be comprehended and also that there are times when he is abit of a rascal.

No. do not throw stones at me just yet. Let me explain:

I have found that God is in the habit of doing things his way, and that when you finally have that aha moment, you realise that he is smiling or laughing, and you just cannot help but join in with him.


Tell me what you think...

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