the things about life

there are things about life that you do not know. things that you will never know. things that will never be a surety. a certainty. 

there are things about life that cannot change. there are things about life that we think we know. things that we think are certainty.

more often than not, these intertwine. boundaries are blurred and certainty marred. this is when fear and uncertainty reign supreme. 

the blurred blobby mess presented it self to me. hi. i am your life. deal with it. and deal with it we must. we must look at our lives and recognize. the mess. the hurt. the pain. the sorrow. we must. we must acknowledge the victories. the breathe that enters and leaves our bodies. the light that pierces through the foggy perception that demarcates our dream territory and our reality. 

having moments is okay. feeling too much is okay. my memoir already has a title. dreams are meant to be laid in the hands of God. or are we meant to sweat and toil for them. not having them handed to us like a present. 

this is what happens when i do not do my devotions regularly. when i do not watch my spiritual intake. I wouldn’t be offended if you found this spooky. 

there is a point in here some where. one day i shall find it.


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