God is Willing.

Indeed! He didn’t spare his own son!
All for me!
Yet my unbelief still reigns supreme

Scribbles of a sojourner

I believe in the God who created all things.

I believe in the God who’s power has no limits.

I believe in the the God whose wisdom has no end.

He knows when a bird falls out of the sky.

He knows how a baby is formed in a mother’s womb.

He knows the beginning and end of all things.

I believe most things about this God.

But my faith falls short when it comes to believing that He is willing to act on my behalf. Every time I have to trust God to do something for me, I can list one million reasons why I shouldn’t pray about it and why He has much more important things to do.

I’ve been studying the book of Exodus. In summary, God sends Joseph to Egypt so that the Israelites would be rescued from a famine. The Israelites move to Egypt but after…

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