are we the sum of who they say we are?

So I just left the screening of The Imitation Game. It is a movie about Alan Turing and a machine he built in the world war. 

I watched it at school. it felt awesome watching that movie with people who had to suffer thru hours of trying to study something that didn’t make sense – i.e. The Turing Machine.

But I was a bit disappointed that all they seemed to put focus on was the fact that he was homosexual and got sentenced for it. I mean he created a machine that and solves anything. 

I was annoyed. Like the sum of this guy’s life & work is on the fact that he is gay. Did I say I was annoyed. He invented the first computer. A genius mathematician. An epic cryptographer. 

And they end with suicide probably induced by the chemical castration medication the judge sentenced him to. Chemical castration? For being gay?

Did I say I was miffed. Annoyed. Angry. 

Does this make me sympathetic? Which would probably be unthinkable since I am “supposed” to be Christian. Especially one from a place which is quite public about these things.

Does anyone get what I am saying?


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